Tabor A1222

From #1 : "The first low cost AmigaNG" from Galaxy Tabor A1222...

Here u can find some interesting thinks about Tabor A1222 from   A-Eon   Usefull platform making a sense for an future X500+, like the X5000,  the Tabor mother board can be sold separately, price around 300~400$ ;-)

Now the specification :* (Subject to change)

Tabor specifications*

  • PowerPC CPU: Freescale QorIQ P1022, 1.2GHz, 32-bit, e500V2, dual-core    |    is it an P1020 +400Mhz ?
    • 1x CPU fan + heatsink
    • 2x fan ports
    • 64 bit interface
    • 400Mhz
    • Support up to 8GB RAM
  • RS232 Serial
    • 1x RS232 including flow control
    • Level shifting from TTL UART serial levels to RS232 levels
    • Maximum baud rate of 230,400
  • SATA
    • 2x SATA 2.6 compliant controllers
  • USB
    • 2x External & 2x Internal USB port
  • Ethernet
    • 1x RGMII ethernet PHYs each providing Gbit ethernet
  • PCIe
    • x4 PCIe gen 1 link allows data rates of 2.5Gb/s per lane
    • x16 PCIe connector to support RadeonHD graphics cards
  • Audio
    • Audio CODEC generating stereo audio out from I2S digital audio
  • HDMI LCD Interface
    • 24 bit colour depth
    • Support for resolution up to 1280x1024
    • HDMI 1.3 support
  • GPIO
    • Support for user GPIOs
  • Micro SD
    • Micro SD card for ROM - later possibility of running the whole system from the microSD card
  • WCU Prog
  • LED ports for Power, CPU, HDD

Now the mobo images :